Capital of Taste

Torino is without question the capital of taste It’ has long been known for its good food and good wine. Restaurants historic cafés or “trattorie” in the suburbs, are the temples of the Turinese cuisine famous for its lavish starters, “agnolotti” (meat stuffed pasta), fritto misto (mixed fried stuff) the many cheeses and eventually the delicious GIANDUJA cream (chocolate and ground hazelnuts), the zabajone (made with eggs, Marsala liquor or white wine) or the bicerin (hot drink with liquid chocolate, coffee).These goodies can be all purchased at EATALY the mega store that spread Piedmont wine and food culture in the world. The Capital of taste designation is also confirmed by the hospitality given to two major international events like the Fiera del Gusto (Taste Fair) and Terra Madre.