Technological facility

WIFI broad band Internet connection

WIFI broad band Internet connection Thanks to a sophisticated WIFI system and fixed network points you can walk comfortably with your laptop or directly plug in the preset plugs. The system is equipped with a powerful optical fibre connection to ensure safety and smoothness. The service can be purchased by buying a card; major halls are equipped with computers connected with a private central system where a number of services like internet, remote assistance and presentation remote control are available etc.

IT services

  • Public broad band wireless system (wifi) with full coverage of the conference centre
  • Fixed network points (RJ45) scattered on the entire surface for private laptops connection
  • Internet point
  • Computer broad band connection situated in major halls equipped with the most current conference software
  • Computer di sala dotati di connessioni a larga banda e dei più comuni software di uso congressuale
  • T dedicated technical service on request (external service)

Videoconferencing system

Torino Incontra is equipped with a videoconferencing system that can connect attendees with the rest of the world in real time by means of dedicated ISDN phone lines; speaking during the connection is possible in any of the major halls and from any seat of the speakers’ podium - in the Sella hall this is possible from any each seat of the hall. A central control booth handles the videoconference signal and the other audio and video sources that can reach every hall or can be unify the whole conference centre.

Slide Centre

  • Pc, printer, scanner and CD burner
  • Telephone line
  • All halls are networked Other equipment

Other equipment

  • Copier machine with individual meter
  • Movable signage
  • Partially equipped and furnished
  • Reception desk with two faxes
  • 2 telephone lines
  • Monitors connected with all rooms and halls
  • Microphone for announcement
  • Telephone lines out of the halls
  • Three ISDN Lines
  • Two internal goods lifts maximum load 3,200 kilos/42 people, width 1,40 m., height 2 m, depth 3,50.