To-Mi (1784 Byte)
The research has been promoted and financed by the Torino and the Milano Chamber of commerce the goal was surveying the new economic trends bringing back old common issues and aims between Torino and Milano.
Price: € 25,00

Waiting for the Olympics
Aspettando le olimpiadi (2911 Byte)
The first report on the Torino 2006 Olympic territories. The second research promoted and financed by Torino Incontra, an analysis on the transformation process set up by the Olympic project and how it is perceived by the public opinion.
Price:  € 18,30 (Vol. n° 19)

Valentino a place for progress
Il Valentino  (3494 Byte)
The volume is a revised and corrected texts collection of conferences held between January and February 2003 focused on Piemonte major exhibitions occurred between the ‘800 and ‘900, many of which set up at the Valentino Park, a privileged location for the exhibitors of that time.
Price: € 10,00 (Vol. n° 18)

About architects, churches and palaces
Di Architetti (1750 Byte)
This collection tries to portray through the works and the undertaking of architects and town planners, the identity that Torino has been taking on over the centuries.
Price: € 20,00 (Vol. n° 17)
Olympics and big events
Olimpiadi e grandi eventi (15627 Byte)
Promoted by Torino Incontra, the first part of the Olympic survey is about the economic social and cultural issues of the Olympic event comparing the different experiences made by regions that hosted the Winter Olympics in the past.
Price: € 19,00 (Vol. n° 16)
The changing city
La Città che cambia (16335 Byte)
The research, carried out by Franco Mellano of the Torino Polytechnic, is not only a consideration on the theoretical boundaries of town planning it also investigates concrete cases and major transformations that are impacting on some of Europe major cities.
Price: € 20,66 (Vol. n° 15)

The streets and palaces of Torino tell tales
Le strade e i palazzi (17595 Byte)
The volume is a collection of revised and corrected texts of conferences held at the Conference Centre between January and February 2000 focused on the stories of Torino most significant streets and palaces.
Price: € 18,00 (Vol. n° 14)

Back to the light
Conferences cycle on depression, 1999. € 8,50 (Vol. n° 13)

1848 Torino and Europe
Conferences cycle on the Italian Risorgimento and the Statuto Albertino, 1998. € 8,50 (Vol. n° 12)

Forgotten or unknown Torino
Conferences cycle on some most unknown aspects of Torino’s life, 1998. € 11,00 (Vol. n° 11)

Piemonte a powerhouse of inventions
Conferences cycle on Piemonte major inventors, 1997. € 8,50 (Vol. n° 10)

Torino meets art

Conferences cycle on the evolution of pictorial expression in our century, 1997. € 8,50 (Vol. n° 9)

The paths to salvation
Conferences cycle on religions, 1997. € 8,50 (Vol. n° 8)

Meeting Nino Costa
1995. € 5,00 (Vol. n° 7)

European Car regions

By STEP – Applied Economics studies, 1995. € 8,50 (Vol. n° 6)

Active labour policies assessment

comparing experiences by D. Ciravegna,  1995. €8,50 (Vol. n° 5)

Torino meets the future of car in Europe
Conference proceedings, 1994. € 5,00 (Vol. n° 4)

Giugiaro, Torino and the car

by R. Bosio, 1994. (sold out) (Vol. n° 3)

Urban Marketing in Europe

by G. Ave e F. Corsico, 1994. € 26,00 (Vol. n° 2)

Confrences and taxation

Legal and fiscal guide for conference professional management by S. Pettinato, 1992. (sold out) (Vol. n° 1)


Other publications

  • an alternative to decline – 18 ideas for the development of Torino in the 90s’, October 1992.
  • growing in a network – 18 ideas for Torino and Piemonte, 1997
  • Diamant Alpin: Ginevra, Lione, Torino 1998
  • a possible Federalism in Italy, 1999
  • The Bogianen Award 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004.