Why Torino

Torino: from ancient capital to a European pole

The city is situated on the Po river, surrounded by the majestic scenery of the Alps, Torino is a city where past and present, history and modernity coexist. Monuments, historical cafés, castles and old mansions testify its glorious past as Italy’s first modern capital. Liveliness, innovation, cultural excitement all this describes its role as a dynamic European hub for technology, science, cultural development and art. In this city of international events a business trip can turn into a stimulating and exciting experience: baroque architecture, stylish downtown shopping, galleries and museums all this makes Torino competing with big European capitals, music and shows make night life sparkling. Wines and fare make Torino experience richer and enjoyable: a walk through the “Roman quadrilateral” or a tour up the hills are the ideal option to find out old and new flavours.