Sala Einaudi

Einaudi Hall

Total Capacity 99 seats
Shape: fixed, theatre-style seating
m. 12,20 Length
m. 8,30 Width
m. 3,50 — 2,50 Height
2 (m. 1,35 x 2,15 h.) access doors

Hall technical equipment:
5 seats at the speaker’s table and a podium with individual fixed mics and monitors
Amplification system
automated wall screen (3,50 x 2,20)
fixed video camera, 1 video camera with DOME system
2 wireless mikes
digital Infrared sim. translation system
3 translation booths
Video projectors 4000 Ansi Lumen
A/V recording on DVD
XP Professional Office 2007 Pc in the hall
Videoconferencing system (ISDN/IP)
via satellite connection
Hot spot WI FI Pc projection (1400 x 1050)
Overhead projection
Digital Versatile Disk (DVD)
video camera (1280 x 1024)
Broad band line at speaker’s table
Single-phase electric connection (220 V - 16 A)
Luminous display
3 registration tables with a telephone line out of the conference hall